Who you are is more important than what you have. Agreed?

If you're reading this, I imagine that you crave meaningful experiences and want to grow throughout your life.

I have good news for you. The guide for finding clarity is inside you. Not someone outside telling you how to do things right, but your own unique map inside. This is true for figuring out work, parenting, relationships and pleasure. Yes please, more pleasure!

I can help you through 121 support, courses or resources to find answers from your own cyclical wisdom: your menstrual cycle. You might be thinking, "But I've never had an easy time with my periods, how on earth are they going to help me?"

Our cycles are like a barometer - they give us clues about our physical and emotional health. And because we are surrounded by cycles (the seasons, day & night, lunar...), I can work with you in pregnancy and menopause, and if you're on hormonal contraception.

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If you're new to cycle awareness, a great place to start is charting your cycle through the month.

Or if you've been charting for a while, but are ready to add new elements in, this is for you too.

See my 32-page A4 Guide to 'Everything you need to chart your cycle'

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121 Support -

Medicine Circle

I provide individual coaching (in person or via Zoom) for women, which can be directly in relation to their menstrual cycle or with some aspect of life that they are struggling with.

I use a process called the Medicine Circle (MC) developed by Red School, where I hold space for you to connect with your own wisdom.

Every time it surprises me with the depth of insight and nourishment that arises.

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Online embodied cycle awareness course

Next group course starts 1st June! 30 practices and resources over 30 days, including yoga, yoga nidra, visualisations, journalling and Zoom circles.

You can go at your pace because you have lifetime access and can download the resources.

The secret Facebook group enables you to be part of a virtual circle to share your experience.

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Caversham Red Tent

This monthly circle is for ANY woman. It is currently virtual.

The Red Tent provides a chance to be with other women in a supportive way. We share our experiences on different themes and don't fix things, but witness each other through our careful and non-judgemental listening.

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My books & crafts

I have always loved writing and making. When I haven't found the resource I need, I've created it.

I have written and illustrated three children's books around bodies and puberty, and three for women about pregnancy, birth and cycles.

During the winter I make vulva decorations and resources for teaching girls circles.

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Menarche Ceremonies

'Menarche' means first bleed. I run two types: Celebration Days for Girls (10-12) and retrospective ones for women.

We can support girls to have a smoother transition through puberty than we did!

We can also reclaim that pivotal time for ourselves and learn how to change menarch for our daughters.

For girls
For women

Mother blessings

Pregancy and birth is a rite of passage that many women experience. A Mother Blessing is a way to support the expectant mama as she nears the end of her pregnancy through a beautiful gathering of her friends and/ or family.

It is such an honour to host these gatherings as everyone leaves nourished and feeling connected to one another.

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