Red Tent

This monthly circle is for ANY woman. The Red Tent provides a chance to be with other women in a supportive way. We share our experiences on different themes and don't fix things, but witness each other through our careful and non-judgemental listening.


Willow Grove

This monthly circle is inspired by the amazing charity Treesisters. The gathering is focused on our connection with nature and providing IN breath activities (e.g. meditation, internal enquiries) and OUT breath activities (e.g. picking up litter, planting trees).

Jodie and I are still in the process of planning so watch this space!


I provide individual coaching for women, which can be directly in relation to their menstrual cycle or with some aspect of life that they are struggling with.

I use a process called the Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC), where I hold space for you to connect with your own wisdom. Every time it surprises me with the depth of insight and nourishment that arises.


Cycle Awareness Workshops

Two or three times a year I run workshops to teach cycle awareness. They are suitable for absolute beginners or for those who have been charting for a while. Every time we have different theme so there is always something new to learn.

They can be a great introduction to the Red Tent as the focus is on me talking rather than you!


Online Menstrual Cycle Circle course

This course is a bringing together of my passion for everything menstrual and everything yoga!

You can do the course from the comfort of your own home. It last 30 days, but you keep access to the resources or can download many of them if you think it will be difficult to fit into your busy life.

The secret Facebook group enables you to be part of a virtual circle.


Menarche Ceremony for Women

Every October myself and Sophie Cleere host an event to retrospectively celebrate this important rite of passage, which often was a negative or at best neutral experience. This gives you chance to reclaim your rightness as a female and to say a big yes to your body!

Women sometimes come as their own daughters approach their own menarche (first period) or to honour their growing appreciation of their cycles.


Mother Blessings

The menarche is the first rite of passage in the journey to becoming a woman. Pregancy and birth is another rite of passage that many women experience. A Mother Blessing is a way to support the expectant mama as she nears the end of her pregnancy through a beautiful gathering of her friends and/ or family.

It is such an honour to host these gatherings as everyone leaves nourished and feeling connected to one another.