Caversham Willow Grove

Groves are women's circles that have arisen out of the wonderful TreeSisters' charity: a place where we can relax into wholeness and feel how our gifts want to be expressed in the world. It's a birthing circle, a place to connect with like-minded women, where we can take responsibility for the care of ourselves and the Earth in community. Simply put, it is a nurturing, safe space to explore our in-breath and out-breath, our balance of being and doing.


A monthly circle for women.

Takes place monthly on Mondays, 7-9pm, in Caversham

(Please email for directions)

Usually the Monday nearest the Full Moon. First date 25th June, under a beautiful willow.

The lovely Jodie Grace and I host the Grove. What exactly happens varies. It usually runs something like this:

* Introductions and couple of words for how your week has been

* Guided visualisation

* Circle time (you don't have to speak, you are supporting others by just being there)

* Guided meditation on nature

*Setting intentions

* Closing circle - a moment to reflect.

A donation of £5 (or whatever you can afford) is requested to cover the cost of running the Grove. You heartily invited to make a regular donation to the TreeSisters who are reforesting the Tropics.

Many thanks to all of the men that make it possible for us to meet (e.g. by taking care of the little ones).

As women we are most powerful when we join hands in sisterhood. Finding our place, discovering that we belong, and leaning into sisterhood with like-minded women who share our values and dreams allows us to discover and express our most authentic selves.
Togetherness is key. Sisterhood is everything.   ~ Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters 

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