Online 'Menstrual Cycle Circle' course

This course brings together my passion for empowering women through their cycles and for yoga, which I have been teaching for 15 years.


The aim of this course is to bring awareness to your whole cycle, where often we focus on the troublesome lead up to the period or the bleed itself.

Over 30 days, there are different resources available each day including yoga, meditations, yoga nidra (relaxation) tracks, writing explorations and much more.

The resources are designed to fit into your busy everyday life, but it's totally ok if you don't tune in every day.

There is a secret Facebook group where you can share your experience and ask questions.

Thank you for this fabulous trip together! I adored this intimate and secret circle on the cycle in which we share experiences in a gentle way, without judgments in a mood of understanding and affection state.
The idea of ​​combining resources with a Facebook group where you can post photos, articles, and videos (live videos full of practical advice and suggestions were great!) is brilliant because it reminds us, in the frenzy of our lives, to dedicate time to what is good for us!!!
In an unconscious way, I think I always knew about the existence of the inner seasons: I felt the energy and mood swings ... but thanks to this course I realized that every season brings a "gift" with it and that all together they provide a lot of power and this has been truly enlightening. In the coming months I will try to use "the energy of the cycle and the seasons" to my advantage!
Thanks again Tessa for the organization, support and understanding: we love you! (Cristina Nobile, June 2018)