Mum & Me

The years between 7 and 9 are so formative for a girl. Spend special mother-daughter time once a month boosting her self-confidence, body image and sense of sisterhood.


Daughter & Mum Club

We meet on the second Saturday of each month 3-4.30pm, with mums taking turns to host.

Each month we focus on one female role model, like Frieda Kahlo or Marie Curie, and use crafts and discussion to reflect on their strengths and how we can recognise them in ourselves. We also remember that nobody is perfect! We also share how we have been since the last month, using 'feeling' cards to help girls name their emotions. And there are SNACKS! (That's the most important part according to my daughter).

Cost per Mother/Daughter couple is £15, paid on booking, to cover craft materials etc.

(NB. Other significant female carers are welcome instead of mums, such as grandmas or aunties. If you have two daughters in that age range both are welcome. Second one comes for 5 pounds.)

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