Join us for an incredible experience

I am bringing my passions of yoga, cycle awareness and women's circles together in one place. From the 5th October near the Full Moon to the 14th December near the New Moon, we will meet fortnightly online to create space for transformation (six online meetings over two months).

Through yoga nidra, gentle yoga, and pranayama (breathing techniques), we will prepare a super safe container for transformation.  You can read my blog here, to understand that to feel open to new ideas, for positive change in our lives, it is crucial to feel safe physically and emotionally.

Once the safe container is created, we will use powerful exercises to understand our values and change our belief patterns to move forwards. In the circle we will witness each other by listening deeply. In creating this circle, we commit to the process and that creates the fire to make it happen!

If you are currently

  • feeling blocked, stuck or confused
  • knowing that something has to change
  • wanting to create direction during upheaval
  • make sense of where you have got to and where you're going in life
  • craving feminine support to give you the courage to follow your passion or live your best life

this is the right experience for you.

The idea of it might make you feel a little bit excited, a bit wibbly wobbly, or even slightly sick, because the prospect of change is challenging even when we really, really want it. You may also not be totally clear on what you want to change, but know that sitting in circle with other women makes powerful stuff happen!

The fortnightly meetings will be supported by a WhatsApp group where we can stay in touch with each other. This is optional, but I'll be sharing meditations to keep the transformational process unfolding.

You may be thinking, "I cannot take on one more thing" or "I am zoomed out". But this is different because it is 100% nurturing and building up your energy. Sometimes when we feel tired, it's because we're not getting enough connection with people who fill us up. The Red Tent Transformation Gateway will be the opening into a new way of being.

Let me inspire you with practices that I know work.  They've worked for me. They've worked for others too.

Illana shared about the yoga, cycle awareness course and private session "I'm grateful to have found Tessa. I have been using the yoga nidra relaxation during a very stressful time in my life and it's been a life saviour both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Charting my cycle and learning how each season impacts my energy levels, mood and productivity has been such a blessing both personally and professionally. No more surprises, nor beating myself up for not "making it". Thank you Tessa."

What's included?

  • six fortnightly online sessions (5 Oct, 19 Oct, 2 Nov, 16 Nov, 30 Nov, 14 Dec)
  • yoga nidra, gentle yoga and pranayama (breathing techniques) - approximately 50 mins to relax and create safety
  • journalling exercises / visualisations to access your truth and circling time to share if you wish - approximately 55 mins
  • WhatsApp group to stay in touch and meditations to keep you on track

Who's it for?

  • any woman - pregnant women welcome, postmenopausal women welcome
  • a person who wants change, even if that makes them feel nervous
  • those I know and those I don't (if we haven't met before, please contact me at [email protected] to arrange a brief telephone conversation before booking on)
  • available on those dates (the sessions will be recorded - the yoga and exercise parts, not the sharing circle - and this will be sent to you if there is a last minute issue with joining a session)