Thanks for caring about your daughter's cycle health

Support your daughter

You might be new to cycle awareness, or really in touch with your own cycle, but feel like you need a hand helping your daughter be in touch with her cycle, physically and emotionally. This 12-minute video will give you a head start. Openness, respect and being informed are key.

Rainbow chart

Download this chart to make following physical and emotional signs of the cycle EASY for your daughter. She can even start before her period begins.

It totally doesn't matter if she starts doing it and loses interest several times over. You're planting a seed. A seed that can grow into a massive tree in years to come.


BONUS: Guide to 'Talking to kids about their bodies'

It's never too early to start talking about bodies, how bodies change and periods. My tips from giving talks in schools (to Year 6 children and parents) and running puberty workshops.

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Take body positivity to the next level

Buy one of my books for children about puberty

"Noemi couldn't put the book down." Monia Conforti

"Elizabeth has finished your book and really enjoyed it. She said she really like the fact that it was written from the perspective of someone close to her age." Kate Rosling

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Come to an event for mums and daughters

"Can we come again next week?" Neela, 12

"Just the most beautiful day, thank you. Had some wonderful connection with Celine since, but it has opened up some first time conversations with MY mum and with my female clients." Louise Sanders

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