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Ruby Luna's Curious Journey

Do you want your daughter's experience of learning about her body to be different from yours? Do you get stuck when asked questions like "How does the baby get out?"

Let me help you find the right words. "Every time my kids have a question I run and get the book out again and again." (Erin)

With fun actions and watercolour illustrations that are relatable and multicultural, this book will support you to have healthy communications about bodies.

Approximately 5-9 year olds but depends on the child and family.

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Ruby Luna's Moontime

Does it feel like it's time to talk about periods, but you're not sure where to start?

This is like Adrian Mole's Secret Diary, but for girls. It quietly sneaks information about different menstrual products, the environment, eating well, changing emotions, moving house and to big school.

"My daughter finished and said "The book was soooooooo good!" (Jenny)

For 10-12 year olds, but also earlier if puberty starts younger.

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Dante Leon's Curious Journey

Do you wonder how you're going to explain wet dreams? Or erections?

A brilliant book explaining the changes boys go through in a simple, honest and direct way.” (Tim Scott, Early Years Professional and Dad).

Let me help you with explaining how a boy's body changes as he grows, with fun actions and watercolour illustrations that are relatable and multicultural.

For approximately 7-11 year olds.

Also good to explain boys' bodies to girls.

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The Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book

Are you looking for space to reflect on the upcoming birth and positively prepare? This book comes with a link to two specially crafted Yoga Nidras (relaxations) or you can ask your partner to record the scripts that are available in the book.

"The book is just beautiful" (Sarah, hypnobirthing teacher).

Available through Amazon worldwide, or directly from me in the spiral bound form in the UK.

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Pearls of Birth Wisdom: The Inner Journey of Pregnancy

Coming in July 2020!

Can you feel how pregnancy and birth is an opportunity for growth of you as a person as well as your baby? Every birthing is a heroine's journey and get the main message we get is to learn to relax and be calm.

Stories are the most entertaining and deepest way to learn. If you want to prepare consciously, subconsciously, physically and energetically, read this collection of stories from mothers from my classes, learn from my insights of 15 years teaching and use the reflections to go deeper

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Colour your Cycle: Inner Seasons Mandalas

17 mandalas available as individual images on Etsy. Complete book with stories and insights coming soon!

Do you want to create space to connect with the gifts and tasks of your menstrual cycle? Do you want to move deeper into knowing the Inner Seasons (menstruation - Inner Winter; pre-ovulation - Spring; ovulation - Summer; Pre-menstruum - Autumn).

Perfect for sharing with children as you talk about periods or in women's workshops.

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