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Supporting people to navigate rites of passage is my calling. This website is about the various ways I share cyclical wisdom with girls and women. I truly feel that when we all reconnect with cyclical wisdom our health, our creativity and our planet will benefit tremendously.

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The last couple of years, I have been in a creative flow and here are the tangible outcome... books for children and adults. I have always loved writing.



The female body is amazing. The more I learn about it, the more I am in wonder. Wouldn't it be fantastic if girls had a positive start with their body image, with their menstrual cycles and with each other? I believe we can give them all the knowledge and experience they need to become resilient and joyful. However, I think we need to start earlier than is the case in schools now.

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Women can bloom when given the chance. Knowing and trusting our cyclical nature allows us to pace ourselves: to rest sometimes, to dream of great ideas, to make those ideas a reality and to take time to reflect. And when we do this we don't burn out, or have a nervous breakdown, or get shout at the family or be off with colleagues.

Being mindful of our ordinary lives allows wonderful things to happen. We connect with pleasure, with meaning, and with joy.

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Visit my sister site for information on my yoga classes (Pregnancy, Mother & Baby, Well Woman) and workshops (Deep Relaxation, Birth Preparation), and related products (The Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book, Birth Affirmation Cards, online Mother & Baby Yoga course for mums (and teachers needing new inspiration!)


I make vulva decorations, and teaching materials in the form of pre- and post-puberty vulva cushions and anatomy aprons. Take a look here


"Tessa's loving presence, support and gentle guidance was essential to give me confidence to explore my inner cycle and I know it was from that day onwards I felt peaceful with my cycle and kept doing everything I needed to be well. "

- Andreia Haimer


"Tessa holds a space for healing with grace, tenderness and respect."

- Jodie Grace

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